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7iD's Wireless Medical
Mobile Patient Information Feeds

Wireless Medical enables doctors and care providers in hospitals to present medical treatment data from clinical information systems in a patient-centered way.

How it works

WiMed, Wireless Medical, provides functionalities such as digital temperature charts, mobile dictation and photo documentation via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Wireless Medical offers open APIs: integration of sensor data, import and export of data have never been that easy. WiMed is an intelligent mobile add-on for your health information system and can be configured to meet your requirements.

And best of all: no additional hardware is needed. 

Wireless Medical mobile

Wireless Medical's patient-centered modules

Full patient information

The list of patients, their location, allergies and existing diagnoses are the center of every WiMed installation and therefore are part of every license model.

Patient dictation

Doctors can use voice recording instead of paper work and handwriting.

Picture documentation

A easy to use photo documentation helps doctors keeping history regarding the healing process of their patients.

Digital fever chart

The measurement of body temperature and other vital parameters are a crucial element on everyday ward rounds. WiMed shows a temperature curve of every patient.


With the laboratory module, the user has the possibility of grouping and clearly displaying all laboratory values measured during a stay. Both the latest and all previously measured values are displayed.

Appointment manager

With WiMed’s appointment manager you can easily schedule care visits for you and your team.


Logs are WiMed’s most powerful application. Logs can be designed modularly and used for many scenarios: from care documentation to medication intake accounting.

Patient-independent functions

WiMed offers a range of patient-independent functions: from risk management to short messages.



  • Seamless integration of mobile devices into everyday hospital life
  • Available anywhere, anytime
  • Flexible areas of application


  • Adaptable to individual processes
  • Structured data recording of all devices
  • Simple interfaces for existing IT infrastructure

Intuitive use

  • Self-explanatory
  • Easy data entry
  • Clear and individual overview

Quality improvement

  • Avoiding potential failures
  • Prevention of mix-ups
  • Complete documentation and traceability

Time saving

  • Reduction of documentation effort
  • Simplified ward rounds
  • More time for patients

Cost reduction

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Future-proof due to manufacturer independence
  • Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure

Time saving

  • More time for your patients
  • Patient care inhouse and out of the hospital can be documented
  • Barcode implementation for medication and patient identification

Partnership programs

  • We offer development programs: if you become our development partner, we offer OEM platform and module solutions as well as software customization

Wireless Medical Platform

#Mobile patient information feeds


The integration of Wireless Medical is very fast and easy:

  • We configure APIs first to enable the connection to your health information system. HL7 as an open standard makes it possible and very easy.
  • Meanwhile, you choose the modules you want to start with: from fever charts to log files. Wireless Medical is perfectly modular
  • After the implementation in your organization, you benefit from our training and service offer to guarantee a successful system start – right from the beginning
  • According to your wishes, you can also benefit from patient-independent functions, like risk management or short messaging services
  • Implementing Wireless Medical means to close the documentation gap, speed up non-patient related activities like documentation and gives you more time for the most important and sensible: the patient.

Wireless Medical Platform License Models

#Flexible mobile license models according to your needs:




Wireless Medical CARE

Wireless Medical is a flexible platform solution with many intelligent patient-centered modules and premium features:

You are looking for a flexible platform solution with open APIs to enable instant patient data documentation and visibility? – Let us give you a quick overview of our tailor-made license models:

Wireless Medical CARE

is what we name the basic version of our platform solution. Of course, it comes along with the mobile patient information module but on top, you simply choose one application that supports your clinic processes best.

With Wireless Medical CARE you gain access to one of the following modules:

  • Laboratory: visualization of laboratory parameters.
  • Digital fever curve: digital fever curve with configurable vital parameters.
  • Dictation: with the help of Wireless Medical it is possible to dictate with direct patient reference.
  • Photo docu: process simplification through patient-related photo documentation.
  • Appointments: Wireless Medical allows also for easy team scheduling.

Wireless Medical HOMECARE

Wireless Medical HOMECARE is the key to connect care services outside of your institution and hospital patient records.

Wireless Medical HOMECARE is based on our best and most appreciated module: logs. A short word with a simple meaning but almost infinite possibilities to support your clinical processes. Logs can be set up flexibly, with all kinds of text boxes and reply possibilities – from medical discharge reports (ELGA) to DSGVO compliant treatment consents.

With Wireless Medical HOMECARE you can also document in offline mode at patient’s residences. Chronically ill patients with heart insufficiency, for example, can be supervised at home to enhance adherence or give additional training.

Wireless Medical PREMIUM CARE

Wireless Medical PREMIUM CARE is a holistic mobile documentation and information solution with open APIs.

WiMed PREMIUM CARE supports you with all the perks made available through WiMed HOMECARE plus additional premium features on top. The supplementary premium features are:

  • Risk management: photo documentation beyond direct patient focus.
  • Short messaging service: complement your documentation by a pager-like service, that is directly connected to the application.
  • Premium dictation: leave notations and to-dos for your fellow employees.


See WiMed in Action

Take a look at how 7iD’s scalable solutions, partner network and integration sets set us apart from the competition.

Get answers to your unique questions and find out why 7iD’s Wireless Medical is the right choice for your organization.

7iD's Wireless Medical

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Mobile Health Solution at Barmherzige Brüder Österreich

Barmherzige Brüder Österreich trusts since 2008 on our mobile health solution Wireless Medical in order to increase the quality of their patient treatment processes beside the bed.

Paperless mobile homecare software solution at KABEG

Mobile homecare as an innovative service offered by KABEG and supported by 7iDs software Wireless Medical to digitally network and optimize the care of chronically ill patients
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Smart digital transformation at Tirol Kliniken in Austria

A long lasting and stimulating partnership with Tirol Kliniken, resulting in several ProAct installations at University Hospital Innsbruck, Hospital Hall, Hospital Hochzirl, Landes-Pflegeklinik Hall and others.
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    tagged for success

    Headquarters Austria

    7iD Technologies GmbH
    Straßganger Str. 291
    8053 Graz

    Phone: +43 316 716 720
    Fax: +43 316 716 720 399


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