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7iD's IoT Device Integration Platform: Cross-Technology

7iD's Asset Tracking & Cloud-of-Things Platform

7iD's xSite Sensor Platform for Condition Monitoring

7iD Technologies ProAct People and Staff Tracking

7iD's ProAct: Healthcare 4.0
Real-Time Positioning

7iD Smart-Healthcare Solutions

7iD's WiMed: Mobile Patient Information & Documentation

7iD's COSMOS: Smart Country Framework

More details about 7iD's IoT Applications can be found here:

IoT Applications

7iD's Wireless Medical
Mobile Patient Information Feeds

Wireless Medical enables doctors and care providers in hospitals to present medical treatment data from clinical information systems in a patient-centered way.

7iD's xSite
Sensor Platform for Condition Monitoring

xSite is a predictive network management system for distributed monitoring, collecting and interpreting environmental and site-specific data.

7iD's Cosmos
Highly-Secure Digital Platform

Cosmos is a highly scalable framework for building and managing a large amount of value-added smart country applications. Cosmos is based on Kubernetes: the most …

7iD's ProAct
Technology-Spanning Real-Time Positioning

ProAct enables you to track portable devices and equipment, locate staff quickly and efficiently, and improve critical workflows. In a clinical context, this allows immediate …

7iD's Location Tracking
Outdoor Tracking IoT Application

7iD’s Real-Time Location Tracking capabilities enable the current or permanent pinpointing of objects on outdoor areas. Think of valuable assets in your company. With our …

7iD's Asset Tracking & Cloud-of-Things
Live Inventory Management

7iD’s Asset Tracking maximizes resource utilization and reduces costs by avoiding manual, time-consuming processes.

IoT Applications for Health Care

References & Stories

Paperless production processes at Magna

Automotive 4.0 and RFID based eInk technology guarantees a digital, paperless production.

Optimized yard logistics at Deutsche Post DHL Group

Efficient courtyard logistics at the sorting centers are
essential to ensure a high level of service quality.

Paperless mobile homecare software solution at KABEG

Mobile homecare as an innovative service offered by KABEG and supported by 7iDs software Wireless Medical to digitally network and optimize the care of chronically ill patients
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    tagged for success

    Headquarters Austria

    7iD Technologies GmbH
    Straßganger Str. 291
    8053 Graz

    Phone: +43 316 716 720
    Fax: +43 316 716 720 399


    7iD Technologies

    7iD provides IoT software and IIoT / Industry 4.0 solutions with perfection in mind.