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A Scalable Software Framework forSmarter Countries

Shaping countries towards an intelligent, sustainable construct - managed to the highest safety and performance standards.

Digital spirit for smarter countries

More and more countries, cities and administrations are entering the digital age and are developing towards an intelligent, sustainable construct. It has to be clear: The best way to digitalize it is for everyone to pull in the same direction and focus on forward-looking solutions with which further areas can be opened up step by step – from a healthy mix of energy, mobility, climate protection and quality of life, managed to the highest safety and performance standards.

Enabling smart countries means collecting any kind of sensor data and putting individual value into context in real-time, creating more efficient, technologically advanced and greener places.

Our IoT platform DIP creates an additional economic benefit to your region. We transform collected sensor data for various applications and can thus serve numerous Smart Country sectors: Public Safety, Smart Cities and Health Systems as well as Critical Infrastructure.

Integrating and centralizing sensor data

The integration of any kind of physical sensor on a single IoT platform allows numerous use cases and fields of application for Smart Countries. 7iD’s DIP is in simple words connecting any kind of sensor from any vendor and with any integrated technology onto one platform or middleware.

Our contribution lies not only within the integration but also within analyzation and interpretation of sensor data in real-time for example against a predefined rule set. On top, we also trained DIP to track and localize objects by using a variety of techniques: from BLE to GPS and LPWAN with an accuracy up to 1 m indoor and outdoor.

You benefit from background monitoring solutions and actively working tracking and localization applications in a variety of settings:

  • monitor equipment or networks and react in a prompt way in case of emergency
  • ensure safe critical communication
  • track your devices or vehicles within your organization and on the road
  • offer smart patient protection and monitor disoriented people

Fields of Application within Smart Countries


Critical Communication and Smart Infrastructure

Real-time data interpretation

Enabling critical communication and collecting data in real-time. By immediately analyzing and interpretating data, we create a reliable, sound basis for decision-making for infrastructure service providers. The entire interaction should avoid system disruptions and thus significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

Forward-looking Maintenance

An automated, continuous data flow serves as a basis for decision-making, real-time identification of requirements and future preventive measures.


Public Saftey Organizations
Infrastructure Providers
Public Transport

7iD Smart-Healthcare Solutions

Smart Healthcare

Patient-centered systems

Smart Health facilities offer a cross-linked system which places the patient into the center of actions. Diagnostic findings and further steps of medical staff, as well as data generated by medical devices, are integrated into an electronic medical record.

More efficiency and profitability

benefit from cost savings as well as increased efficiency and profitability. Your staff is relieved by an inter-divisional information system with real-time data transmission and is allowed to put the patient into the focus again.



Hospitals and medical centers, Homecare providers and sanitariums.


Smart Waste

Resource-conserving handling

We offer management systems covering the entire life cycle from waste collection to material recycling. The main emphasis is put on reducing time and energy required to perform waste management services – always resource-conserving handling in mind. From smart bin filling levels to smart waste collection routes, all within one platform.

Efficient, fast transportation and collection

Optimal collection intervals allow among others cost savings. The whole life cycle of waste management is regulated, controlled and monitored, transportation manners are optimized.


Recycling and disposal servic providers,
Real estate and facility management service providers


Smart Mobility and

Real-time applications

Smart Mobility and Logistics cover road traffic including infrastructure, vehicles and their users as well as the entire traffic and mobility management. The system is complemented by integrating other means of transport. Intelligent solutions range from tracking systems to more advanced applications integrating live data.

Efficient handling of processes

More efficient handling of processes by avoiding queues at ticket vending machines, providing baggage tracking, optimized supply chains etc. – making traffic volumes and situations more plannable and predictable.


Infrastructure operators
Public transport operators


Interested in hearing more?

Leave us a message and we reach out to you with further information.
Highly secure digital platforms illustrate the foundation for smarter countries. Herwart Wermescher Solutions Expert Smart Countries

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    tagged for success

    Headquarters Austria

    7iD Technologies GmbH
    Straßganger Str. 291
    8053 Graz

    Phone: +43 316 716 720
    Fax: +43 316 716 720 399


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